A retreat can be the perfect place to find some time-out from your habitual enviroment and can support you to settle back down to your true nature.

In the retreats we have: Morning meditations, Satsang, individual sessions, silence, touch, healing sessions, walks in nature and more... Venu guides each with all her love and invites to a loving atmosphere where everything is taken care of and you can rest!


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5th - 11th Feb    Winter-Retreat in Sachrang / Chiemgau

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5th - 8th May     Women's-Retreat with Venu in Chiemgau / Germany

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14th - 21st May Holiday-Retreat with Venu on Island Patmos, Greece


24th - 26th June Silent-Retreat with Venu in Chiemgau / Germany                                                                       

25th - 28th Aug  Summer-Retreat with Venu in Chiemgau / Germany                                                                    

6th - 9th Oct       Women's-Retreat with Venu in Chiemgau / Germany

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Autumn/Winter 2016  

17th - 20th Oct   Silent-Retreat with Venu (for men & women) Chiemgau / Germany            

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29th - 02nd Jan  New Year's-Retreat with Venu (for men & women) in Chiemgau / Germany

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23rd - 26th Feb    "Winter-" Satsang-Retreat mit Venu in Chiemgau / Germany

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April 2017          Women's-Retreat with Venu

                          Chiemgau / Germany 


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27th - 30th Apr   Spring-Retreat with Venu (for men & women) in Chiemgau / Germany 


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